Hosting a Seminar


Do you want a seminar that no one will ever forget? Invite Nancy! She will ROCK THE HOUSE! Would you like a seminar or training for your group that brings hope and help for wounded children and their families?  Nancy Thomas is an incredible,  dynamic speaker who brings it! This unforgettable presenter will provide an outstanding, uplifting training for your agency, school, church or group. Here are lists of some available topics. Each can be tailored to your specific audience:

Half Day Seminars  |  One Day Seminars  | Online Power Boost Seminars


Nancy Thomas has a gift with challenging children and shares her wisdom with such skill and laughter it makes time fly for audiences. She fills hearts with hope and empowers them with tools. If you would like Nancy to make a difference for your community by speaking for your group, please contact our office at [email protected]. We can answer questions and help you schedule.

This dynamic presenter has the skills to present an unforgettable presentation. She has received standing ovations from London to LA. and leaves audiences screaming for more. She has taught for Social Services (DHS) in every State in the US (all 50!) with encores for many. Schools throughout the US have given rave revues of the results they see after her in-service trainings. Churches, Parent Groups, missionaries and Residential Treatment Center teams from Australia, Canada, China, England, India, Ireland, Romania, Russia and all over the USA have seen positive results after learning from Nancy’s teachings.

Call Families by Design, (970) 984-2222, or email [email protected] when you would like to schedule one of the best seminars your organization has ever had.  We will work with you to make your seminar a huge success!


What Conference Sponsors and Facilitators are saying:

"Amazing and Dynamic! Feedback has been tremendous! You touched a lot of people and the parents were really empowered as they left our conference! (Just as we knew they would be!)" Laurie, Athens, GA
"Nancy’s wisdom, energy and laughter helped so many! I have had lots of great feedback after the conference." Nanci H, Pullman, NY
"Incredible! So many great ideas were shared!" Darin O. MA
"Excellent, well-researched information. Nancy’s sense of humor makes her presentation very enjoyable. The day flew by!" Sheila G, WI